Bellibro aims to create Budapest-themed books related to the city and photography, representing a high artistic standard in both their content and appearance.

Bellibro’s new book Tabán – photographs, stories takes the reader on a journey to Tabán, a district known as the Montmartre of Budapest due to its winding, steep streets and many taverns that made it a favourite spot for artists.
Despite the Budapest Council's decision to demolish Tabán in the early 1900s, it stood for longer than anticipated, creating a special atmosphere with its inevitable mortality which was captured by many writers and photographers until its eventual destruction in the 1930s.
This album reveals a unique photo heritage that has never been researched or published before and showcases this fascinating area through the pairing of nearly 150 photos and writings. The carefully selected images provide a historical review of how photographers captured this decaying world, from the young Andre Kertesz who asked his brother to pose motionless for more than ten minutes for a night shot, to Zoltán Seidner, one of the representatives of "Neue Sachlichkeit" in architecture photography. To enrich the collective memory, the selection contains the works of private and unknown photographers also.
It’s not only a representative photo album that tells the story of a mysterious place, but also serves as a photohistorical source publication. While the text and photo pairings create new dialogues and provide more layers of interpretation.
It makes the reader truly feel and understand the magical realism of this place and also plays a role in reminding of the beauty and importance of preserving our cultural heritage.
(The book is in Hungarian)

Bellibro’s first book, Budapest Hearts, is a small album of spontaneously photographed hidden hearts found in the fabric of the city.
Budapest Hearts not only presents the city from another perspective, but also teaches us to walk with our eyes more open.

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